Our Process

Success in 3 steps

Mindsink architects, designs and develops websites to suit the most challenging branding and marketing objectives. We deliver smart solutions with the right blend of custom design and technology by understanding the needs of our customers. Our approach is straightforward: Understand, Create and Deliver. These key steps are the foundation of the Mindsink methodology and form the roadmap that guides each project to successful completion.

01. Understand

As part of the Understand stage, we start each project with the essential source: you. Your unique needs and explicit goals inform each step of the development process, helping us to define the best solution to fit your requirements.

02. Create

During the Create stage, our teams will collaborate to define requirements, weigh-in on web content and inventory management concerns and devise an overall strategy for the website design.

03. Deliver

After the Understand and Create stages have been completed, the final stage, Deliver, is initiated. This stage includes three major phases, implementation, content generation and quality assurance.

Included with Every Project

Collaboration Portal

We include a secure collaboration portal to keep our teams on the same page featuring project management tools, file sharing and task tracking.

Project Management

We develop a project plan and gantt chart with every engagement to identify the scope, costs and timeline to meet your requirements.

Business Analysis

Through needs analysis, stakeholder interviews and brainstorming, Mindsink works closely with your team to identify the right technology solution.

Why Mindsink?

Our key differentiators

Mindsink is committed to a long term partnership to achieve success through teamwork, collaboration, and technical excellence. Our innovative approach and business pragmatism correlate directly with our success and that of our clients. Our guiding principles and key differentiators help shape each business relationship and form a solid foundation for prolonged achievement.

  • Customer First

    We focus our efforts on building long lasting relationships with our customers by understanding their needs, delivering actionable results, and exceeding their expectations.

  • Focus on Excellence

    Excellence in customer focus makes us an indispensable partner. Our exemplary work is a testament to our ability to deliver high quality services on time and on budget.

  • Creativity and Innovation

    We strive to build innovative solutions, question conventional methods, and embrace new ideas. Our years of experience have taught us the importance of a good technology foundation aligned with strategic business objectives.

  • Dependability

    We believe in providing dependable results through creative and analytical thinking, rapid prototyping, refinement, and execution.

  • Best Practices

    Our methodology, backed by the PMI’s project management lifecycle and the ITIL framework, ensures that we meet customer expectations.

  • Collaboration

    Our online project management and collaboration portal, Mindsink Connect, provides a centralized communications platform for all project team members and facilitates the integration of quality assurance best practices throughout the project lifecycle.

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