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Project Mastery

Mindsink consulting brings project management, communications and a team portal to guide the successful delivery of your next technology project.

Creative Design and Branding

Our team will help you realize your creative vision and bring your product to market through custom branding, logo and online advertising campaigns.

Advanced Web Development

Our local US based engineering talent has expertise in web and mobile application development, recommending best of breed software and technology solutions.

Cloud Architecture

We are hyperfocused on cloud architecture, scalability and automation, helping your next technology project achieve unparalleled reach.

Recent Project Spotlight - InterAgency Transportation Management Platform

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InterAgency Transportation System

IATS is a transportation management platform developed by the InterAgency Council and Mindsink to support the many services the organization provides to the New York City metro area and its community.

IATS supports a value-added network of resources dedicated to rider safety and reliability. Using the latest technology to enable vehicle tracking, create advanced analytics, and establish regular communication among agencies, families, residences, and bus companies, IAC can successfully execute on its vision and long-standing mission.

The latest generation of the IATS application includes many new enhancements to deliver strategic insight into business operations and enable greater collaboration to optimize service delivery.

Application Feature Overview

  • Real Time Collaboration
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Route Planning and Change Management
  • Advanced Custom Reporting
  • Email and Text Notifications
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Role Based Security
  • High Performance and Scalability
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Advanced Web Design

Mindsink software development services include web and mobile application design, rapid prototyping, full stack development and can help get your MVP to the next level.

Machine Learning and AI

Want to introduce machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation into your next technology project?  Let’s connect!

Application Development

Our expertise in Apple iOS, Google Android and responsive web design can help bring your product to market faster, cheaper and better than the competition.

Technology Consulting

We are trusted and experienced information technology consultants that can help your business achieve its objectives; on time, under budget and with best practices.

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